Tacoma woman wakes up to find her car on fire

TACOMA, WA - A Tacoma woman woke up to find her car fully engulfed in flames and hopes video of the incident will help find the person who did it.

It happened Wednesday on the 5400 block of South Lawrence Street in Tacoma.

Around two in the morning, Carol Painter says she heard a sound from her apartment. When she got up to see what it was, she realized her car was on fire.

“My neighbors yelled someone just torched your car,” said Painter.

The interior of the car is burned; one of the only things inside still recognizable is a rock that Painter says someone used to smash through her window before setting the vehicle on fire.

“I’m just really upset about it,” said Painter.

There is not much left of the car, but there is a lot of video from the incident.

Neighbors across the street who captured cell phone video of the incident, say they actually saw the person who set the fire.

Another neighbor caught the incident on a home surveillance system.

Painter hopes video from her apartment complex will also help.

“I’m just hoping the police can identify him through the video we have here,” said Painter.

Police ask if you have information about this incident to contact them.