Tacoma Public Schools warns of phishing scam asking for personal information

Tacoma Public Schools is warning of reported phishing emails sent to thousands of accounts this week. 

TPS spokesperson Dan Voelpel said approximately 37,600 contacts, including parents, community members, school officials and employees received two phishing emails around 1p.m. Monday.

TPS posted a statement on their Facebook page saying many families reported receiving these phishing emails with the email subject line, "Need Information" and a link in the body of the email.

TPS said their independent, commercial web-based email platform they use was hacked, a platform based outside to the schools' email system and website.

They said to not click on the link in the email with this subject line and instead right-click on the email in the inbox, and click 'junk', 'report' or 'phishing' in the options menu. If you did click on the link provided in the email, immediately change your account password. 

Voelpel said the schools are currently working with their IT department and in contact with their email vendor, Constant Contact to address the incident. TPS is unclear at this time what the ramiphications are if a receipient does click on the link. 

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.