Tacoma Police commit to implementing use-of-force reforms

TACOMA - The Tacoma Police Department is making changes to its use-of-force policies following the deaths in police custody that have sparked national unrest.

The department says it’s committed to implementing procedures to fully align with the “8 can’t wait” goals, which is a national movement.

The goals focus on eight different areas of use of force:

    Tacoma Police say the department already follows most of these procedures.

    One Tacoma community organizer says it’s a good start, but more needs to happen.

    “Even if they’re giving us a little leeway it’s not enough, and it’s not going to make me stop coming out here. It’s not going to make me stop doing this every single day,” said Erin Sarvis a founding member of The New Generation 2.0, a group that organized several protests.

    Tacoma city council members also agree these changes are just the beginning.

    “This is just the start of the conversation and our city does not think that this is the end-all be-all solution to addressing real police reform, and there is going to be more conversations to come about ways we can make our neighborhoods and communities feel safer,” said Tacoma Deputy Mayor Keith Blocker.

    During the city council meeting, Mayor Victoria Woodards said the council plans to talk about police body cameras next week.