Tacoma police arrest 10 protesters outside Northwest Detention Center

TACOMA, Wash. -- Ten protesters of the government's immigration policy were arrested outside the Northwest Detention Center Tuesday night, including one who jumped on a police officer's back as he attempted to detain a demonstrator, police said.

About 120 people were outside the facility when an officer told about 30 of them to move out of a roadway. When the protesters surrounded the officer's patrol car, about 25 to 30 officers responded, a police spokesman said.

When one of the officers was trying to detain one of the protesters, another jumped on his back. That person was arrested for assault.

Of the nine others, two others were arrested for resisting arrest and seven for failure to disperse.

There were no injuries, police said.

Days ago, a group of people protesting the detention and separation of immigrant children from their parents at the border set up a tent encampment outside the Northwest Detention Center. Some of the separated parents were being detained in the center.