Tacoma municipal judge reprimanded for questioning religious attire

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — The state Commission on Judicial Conduct has sanctioned Tacoma Municipal Court Judge David Landenburg for the second time since 2006 for questioning someone's religious attire.

The News Tribune reports the commission reprimanded Landenburg on Friday for a directive he issued to a man wearing a fedora in court while exercising his Jewish faith. Landenburg told the man next time he comes to court he must bring proof he has to wear a head covering.

The commission says the judge's request may violate the man's religious freedom and drew unwelcome attention to his faith.

The judge released a statement saying he takes responsibility for what he called a mistake and apologized to his fellow judges.

Ladenburg was sanctioned in 2006 for requiring a Muslim woman to remove her head scarf or leave his courtroom. He later apologized.