Tacoma mayor says everything is being considered regarding police reforms

TACOMA -- Mayor Victoria Woodards says all options are on the table as her city looks into reforming its police department.

Earlier this week, Tacoma Police announced they would adopt the “8 Can’t Wait” goals. City officials say these are only the first steps toward reform.

“We've got to do better, but we've got to to change hearts and got to change systems,” Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards said. “I am a black woman, and this doesn’t just affect my city, it affects me personally."

Woodards said she is holding onto hope for change.

“I have to believe that I live in a city, that I serve a city, that I’m the mayor of a city who will do better and who will do different,” she said.

Woodards says the city is working to implement body cams as quickly as possible. City council will discuss plans during their work session Tuesday.

She is also working with city council and members of the citizen police advisory committee for input, but she says these changes need to come from more than just officials.

“It’s going to take this whole community to demand the change we want to see,” said Woodards.

She says when it comes to reforming Tacoma Police, all options are being considered.

“Everything is on the table. And again, I think it’s got to be both, right. We’ve got to engage our community. We’ve got to keep people out of the criminal justice system. We got to give them the things they need. But if they end up in the criminal justice system, it has to be fair and just,” said Woodards.