Tacoma mayor, faith leaders host 'Interfaith Drive-In' to inspire hope amid COVID-19

TACOMA - The City of Tacoma recognizes many people are struggling with stress, anxiety and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Victoria Woodards and area faith leaders are hosting their first “Interfaith Drive-In” at 6 p.m. Monday at Cheney Stadium to safely bring the community together to share words of encouragement and support.

“I felt like it was the right thing to do,” said Woodard. “I know that just like every other crisis, we will get through this.”

People of all different religious backgrounds and views are welcome to participate in the special event. The drive-in features speakers from several faith denominations and musicians from across Tacoma. They perform on stage while visitors take in the experience from the safety of their cars.

People can find a place to park near the stage at the stadium and tune into radio station 107.9, which will live stream all the performances.

Woodards had the idea of partnering with area faith leaders to bring people together in this time of uncertainty. She said she was hearing stories across the city of people full of questions and emotions during the coronavirus outbreak.

“This is a tough time. People are wondering how they’re going to feed their family and how they’re going to pay their bills and when they’re going to get their jobs back and what their kids are going to do over the summer. People are really worried for very good reason,” said Woodards.

The mayor said hosting the event was necessary in lifting the community’s spirit.

“I believe that we will get through this and we’ll get through it together. And we’ll be stronger in the end because we stuck together through it,” said Woodards.

Melanie Grassiwood, executive pastor of OURChurch in Tacoma, coordinated the event. She said the goal of the event is to inspire hope among those who are feeling lost during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I hope that this really sparks in someone the reality that they really have it in them to never, never, never give up. It would be easy to bail out and to say ‘Hey, it’s too much for me.’ But I hope that tonight they’re reminded that it’s not all on them and that we’re together,” said Grassiwood.