Tacoma homeowner shocked after 'dazed and confused' man forces his way into her home, takes off clothes

TACOMA, Wash. -- A man is accused of forcing himself inside a Tacoma home, stripping off his clothing and rolling around in planter boxes.

Officials with Tacoma Police say that the man has been booked into jail on burglary charges as well as charges stemming from crashing into two parked cars and rolling his vehicle. This after the unarmed man allegedly forced his way into a woman’s home on Yakima Avenue in Tacoma, scaring the living daylights out of her.

Officials say the suspect drove to the neighborhood and went right up to Christina Seeburger’s home.

Seeburger says she grabbed the stranger by his shirt and swung him around in order to throw him off balance.

That is when she says he started stripping off his clothing, ran out the front door and started rolling around in her planter boxes.

Shortly after, officials say the nude suspect left, drove his car a couple blocks and then crashed it into two parked cars.

Police say the man appeared to be “dazed and confused” when he got out of the crashed vehicle.

Loretta Cool with Tacoma Police says they couldn’t tell if the suspect was mentally unstable or was under the influence or something, adding the man did not have a weapon.

Seeburger tells Q13 that she thought she knew the man at her front door. When she opened it, he pushed her out of the way.

“I hope he gets some help, for sure," she said. "I think he was you know, he needs some help for sure. I am glad that nothing bad happened, really to anybody. He is, I guess was fortunate because of the car accident down there that nobody else was hurt.”

Seeburger says despite living there for years, she will be making some changes.

“Makes me feel like I wanna lock my doors and keep the chain on my door, which is something I’ve never done in 21 years here. I’ve never kept the chain on my door when I open it. This is a pretty safe neighborhood so it made me realize I need to be more careful.”

Tacoma Police say the suspect was evaluated at the hospital and then booked into jail. He’s facing charges in the crash and burglary charges for forcing himself into the home. The status of his mental evaluation is not known.