Tacoma grandmother attacked, robbed by stranger in her own backyard

TACOMA, Wash. – A South Sound grandmother was attacked and robbed in her own backyard early Monday morning and the incident was captured on security cameras.

But, according to the victim, the thief likely didn’t get the pay-out he was hoping for.

Surveillance video shows the grandmother park her car, and a shadowy figure walk nearby in the alleyway.

The victim asked Q13 News to not identify her by name or reveal her face during an on-camera interview as she fears she could be targeted again by her attacker.

Video shows the crook tug at the woman’s bag before ripping it out of her hands. The thief and then runs off with it while the grandmother falls hard to the ground.

The victim told Q13 News she wanted to share her story so neighbors could be aware of the danger lurking in the shadows.

“It needs to be put out that everybody is vulnerable for any type of a situation. Regardless if you think you’re safe, you’re not,” she said. “That’s what scary. I don’t mean to tear up, after watching the video I think, my God, it could have been worse.”

The victim went to see her doctor Tuesday afternoon for a check-up.

Tacoma police say they are actively investigating but so far, no arrests have been made.