Tacoma dentist and Toys for Kids bring Christmas to chronically ill kids and their families

TACOMA, Wash. -- All month, Q13 Fox is celebrating this Season of Giving by highlighting people and organizations that are giving back to the community.

Thanks to a Tacoma man and Toys for Kids, dozens of volunteers went shopping for more than 250 chronically ill children and their families last night.

John Winskill, a Tacoma dentist, started Toys for Kids in partnership with Mary Bridge Children's Hospital more than 28 years ago.

“We've all taken our kids to the hospital or the doctor. Imagine it unraveling, imagine the worse scenario continuing to play out,” said Winskill. “These are families that deserve a break."

His now 29-year-old son has been on life support since he was 3 months old. Winskill wanted to ensure families with severely chronically ill children are able to enjoy the holidays.

He works with Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital to identify families with critically ill children cared for in their homes.

“I can't tell you how many times I've received cards from people saying that they're just getting ready to tell their kids that they're wasn't going to be any Santa Claus this year, only to receive a call from Mary Bridge saying all of these presents are here for them,” he said.

If you want to help, you can learn more here.