Tacoma Craigslist: Time machine technician needed ASAP!

Credit: Ferre' Dollar/CNN

TACOMA, Wash -  A time traveler from the future experiencing technical difficulties is stuck in 2014 and needs help fixing his/her time machine, according to a posting in the ‘Tacoma’ section of Craigslist.

“So I had a huge lapse in judgment and made a huge mistake today,” begins the posting in the ‘computer gigs’ subsection.  “Usually - no problem: go back and fix it. But I went to fire up my Jumper and lo and behold it's broken and I'm in the wrong century to get it fixed.”

The poster goes on to ask for ‘other hoppers hanging around in the Warming Age’ with technical experience to help out.

The intrepid chrononaut writes that they believe they may have a ‘bender’ in need of repair or replacement.

“I already wrote on the wall but we all know how often the archives get checked... hopefully someone is around so I don't have to wait for a rescue.”

If all else fails, apparently a ride to something called a ‘dagoon’ would also suffice.


Screen capture of Craigslist posting