Tacoma community shows support for family of missing 29-year-old mom

TACOMA, Wash. - A 29-year-old mother of one from Colorado is missing, and her family in Tacoma is doing everything he can to bring her home.

Thursday night, in near freezing temperatures, dozens of people gathered around the front yard of a Tacoma home.

“It breaks my heart, and I just want her to come home,” said Brandon Kindle.

Kindle’s sister-in-law, 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth, was last seen in Woodland Park, Colorado on Thanksgiving. Police say her cell phone last pinged a few days later near Gooding, Idaho, which is hundreds of miles from where Berreth was last seen.

“No one will every come up missing, I’m not going to be that person. Now, it’s us,” said Kindle.

Kelsey’s brother Clinton Berreth and her brother-in-law, Kindle, live in Tacoma. Kindle says when Clinton found out his sister was missing, he raced to Colorado to be with his family.

Kindle says this is a difficult time for his family. The holiday are a time they look forward to more than anything, and even though Kindle is now in an empty house  he isn’t alone. His community gathered at his house for a vigil.

Kindle says the support from the community means a lot, and he needs that continued support tot help bring his sister-in-law home.

“All I can ask is people continue to prayer, that people continue to share, that people continue to, just know her face, and if they see her anywhere please, please, please, please say something,” he said.

Berreth is the mother to a 1-year-old girl. Family say nothing like this has every happened.

Police are investigating.