Tacoma City Council votes to require businesses to provide paid sick days

TACOMA -- The City Council approved, 8-1, a proposal requiring Tacoma businesses to offer employees paid sick leave each year.

Councilman David Boe cast the lone no vote.

Under the plan, an employee can earn one hour of sick time for every 40 hours of work. This would guarantee a minimum of three paid sick days each year.

"What I do here is try to take care of who works here," said business owner Don Hales.

Between his Supernova Barber Shop and his wife’s hair salon, Hales employs eight people. He likes the idea of providing the paid sick leave, but admits it will cost him.

"I'm not saying it wouldn't hurt me. I'd try to make it up some other way,” said Hales

Other business owners argue it should be up to the individual business to decide what it can afford to offer employees.

The ordinance is to go into effect next year.