Tacoma business owners relieved over $12 minimum wage vote

TACOMA -- Election results show an overwhelming number of Tacoma's voters prefer a $12 minimum wage over a $15 proposal, allowing small business hours to breathe a little easier.

Reggie Frederick is happy to have the minimum wage vote behind him. He says his bowling business will be spared despite a higher minimum wage.

"You can just imagine if you’re in my shoes and $15 hits," Frederick said. "It could be really devastating to the small business owner.”

Most voters agreed that there needs to be a higher minimum wage in Tacoma. The majority of those voters felt $12 an hour was more fair for business owners. The minimum wage will increase over time until it hits $12 in 2018.

Julie Hibbard really worried that a $15-an-hour minimum wage would cut into her profits at her salon in Tacoma. She says she should be able to afford paying her three employees this new wage without increasing prices very much.

"Panic," Julie said on the potential $15 minimum wage. "That just sounded like way too much."