Suspects in custody after robbery at Covington gas station

Multiple suspects were arrested Thursday night after a gas station robbery in Covington, deputies said. 

The King County Sheriff's Office received a report about a robbery at the 76 gas station at 16405 Southeast 272nd Street at about 8:15 p.m.

According to investigators, two men went inside the store and robbed it at gunpoint. Sgt. Corbett Ford said there were two other suspects that possibly stayed in the car. 

The suspects then fled the scene. 

Moments later, deputies said there was an altercation between a person in another a car and a suspect fired multiple shots at the person. 

The person was not hit or injured. 

A few hours later, deputies located the suspects and took them into custody. 

Ford told FOX 13 there were reports of two other robberies in Kent and Renton earlier in the evening but it's not known if they were related. 

Earlier this month, there were a string of gas station robberies but it's unknown if this case is related. 

Detectives investigate string of armed robberies in King County

Police are searching for suspects in multiple gas station robberies in King County this week. 

The investigation remains ongoing.