Suspected package thief comes face-to-face with homeowner -- and chase ensues

MARYSVILLE -- Someone is stealing packages from porches in multiple Snohomish County cities.

It happened last Thursday in Marysville.

Three days later, the suspected thief was on Ron Robinson’s front porch.

"My wife just stuck a box on the front porch to take to her car. She came back inside to put her shoes on and once she got her shoes on and opened the front door just as he came around the corner,” Robinson said.

He added that his dogs scared the man away and, as he ran down the driveway, Ron gave chase.

"He had fallen, got back and basically mowed over my tree and by that time I was running out the door after him,” Robinson said.

Robinson wasn’t able to catch the man but he did get a description, Hispanic man, average height slim build, wearing dark clothes.

"It was just natural for me to just go after him. I didn’t know who he was or what he was doing but to me it was a threat to my house and my family and my wife,” Robinson said.

The same truck has been spotted in Arlington and Lake Stevens, although sometimes driven by a different man.

Pictures of the truck were captured  from several different home security cameras.

At least 15 other people report seeing the truck in their neighborhood and packages missing.

Neighbors in three different cities may not have been able to put the pieces together without the Snohomish County Crime and Community Facebook page.

"It was a trend we started noticing. About six or seven different people specifically and the more people that were talking about it the more people came forward saying hey this is on my video surveillance, too,” Snohomish County Crime and Facebook page founder Lisa Warren said.

The page has more than 14,000 members and is very active every day and night spreading the word about crime in Snohomish County.

There is power in numbers, Warren says, and the power to fight crime, especially a crime like this that can ruin the holidays for families and children.

"For somebody who doesn’t take that into consideration and is shallow enough to take what’s not theirs, not earned, they’re just the Christmas Grinch,” Robinson said.

Witnesses say the driver may be removing the license plate from the white pickup truck. If you recognize it, call 911.

In the meantime if you’re expecting a package, make sure someone is home to receive it or have a neighbor on the lookout, so they can get your package, before the criminals do.