Suspected armed man prowling homes in Newcastle, Renton neighborhoods

KING COUNTY, Wash.  --  A man is going door-to-door in the middle of the night, jiggling door handles while holding what appears to be a rifle.  It’s got neighbors and investigators in King County very concerned.

Surveillance video shows a man walking up to a home in the middle of the night, checking the door handle.  When it doesn’t open, he walks around the house. And you can see it appears he’s holding what looks to be some sort of rifle in his hand.

“We don’t know if it’s a real gun, if it’s a fake gun, if it’s not even a gun, what his intentions were,” says Ryan Abbott with the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s investigators and Renton police say the same man appears to have done this at two homes in Renton, along the 100 block of Hoquiam Ave NE and one home in Newcastle on SE 86th street, but authorities say there could be more unreported incidents. Police say nothing’s been reported stolen, but neighbors are really concerned.

“This is super concerning, someone walking around in the middle of the night carrying a rifle, checking car doors, checking house doors. You get a homeowner that has a weapon inside their house, that person’s probably going to get shot,” says Christy Mathews with the Renton Police Department.

“We don’t get a lot of things like this happening, usually our packages go missing, but that’s kind of usual, but nothing like somebody going door to door with a rifle,” says Taryn Mauermann.

“What happens when he stumbles across a door that’s unlocked? What’s his next step? That’s the real scary part I think,” says Mark Mauermann.

Renton police say they think the man tried other doors and want people to check their surveillance cameras.  If you spot him call 911.  Also, if you have any information call the King County Sheriff’s Office or Renton police.