Suspect in Parkland shooting, standoff at car dealership pleads not guilty to 11 charges

TACOMA, Wash. -- The suspect accused in the wild shooting and standoff with police at a car dealership in Parkland last week made his first appearance in court late Monday afternoon.

Randy Smith, 32, pleaded not guilty to a slew of charges ranging from assault, robbery and kidnapping.

He was charged with six counts of assault, one count of robbery, one count of attempted robbery,  one cont of kidnapping and two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm.

If convicted on these new charges, Smith could be facing his third felony strike. He allegedly held hostages during the shooting – one of the reasons why prosecutors asked for a high bail amount.

Smith walked into court without showing any emotion on Monday. He’s facing serious charges for his alleged role in a standoff with Pierce County sheriff’s deputies last Thursday night.

“The state’s asking for high bail in the amount of $2.5 million,” said prosecuting attorney Kawyne Lund.

Four innocent people were inside the Sky Motors car dealership in Parkland Thursday night when Smith allegedly barged in with guns and a bag full of ammo after a botched robbery next door.

Eventually everyone inside was able to escape -- the office was left riddled with bullets.

“There are more than 60 bullets inside the building,” said lot owner Sadik Ali. “How many went outside?”

It all began Thursday night when police say Smith tried robbing a tire store but then ran into the car dealership next door and began firing his gun.

“I’m like right there and I hear pop, pop, pop and I duck,” said witness Mia Tolman.

Smith has a long criminal history, including robbery and assault convictions. According to a background check from the Washington State Patrol, Smith was arrested as recently as late August.

Smith is also facing new firearms charges; he’s legally not allowed to have guns since he’s been convicted of a felony.

Police say Smith finally stopped his melee after one of their bullets struck him in the body armor he was wearing.

The car dealer’s owner was stunned that nobody was injured during the shooting.

“I’m happy that we’re smiling because it could have been one second and instead of all of us smiling, we’re all crying right now,” he said.

If convicted, the prosecutor's office said, Smith could spend the rest of his life in prison.