Suspect in fatal Tacoma stabbing arrested, could face 2nd degree murder charge

TACOMA, Wash. – Police say an argument escalated into a stabbing that killed a 33-year-old homeless man in Tacoma Saturday night.

His accused killer made his first appearance in court Monday afternoon – this victim’s friends and family showed up, too.

The suspect has yet to be officially charged, that’s why Q13 News is not showing his face or sharing his name.

Friends of the victim, identified by the county medical examiner as 33-year-old Jisgogo Sha, say they knew him as Jeesh.

“Jeesh was very artistic, he showed me his drawing, he even rapped too,” said D’arien McCalpine.

“We lost a very good friend he’s like family to me,” said Kenny Robinson.

Police say they responded to one of the parking garages on Commerce Street in downtown Tacoma around 9:30 Saturday night and found a man bleeding from a stab wound – he later died of his injuries.

Exactly why the stabbing happened in the first place is still not publicly known. Tacoma Police say the suspect and victim were both homeless, both knew each other and say the stabbing started from some kind of argument.

“We have like gunshots going off there’s bullet holes in that garage door over there,” said neighbor David Sudduth.

People who live near the stabbing say crime is an issue as much as the growing homelessness population in the area.

Police say while they have seen an increased number of calls for service in the area, but there has not been a spike in violent crime.

The department says the city is growing and that means more homeless people are also in the area.

Even though Saturday’s stabbing could have happened anywhere, officer Loretta Cool insists the neighborhood is safe.

“Pay attention to surroundings, stay in pairs,” said Cool. “I don’t believe there’s any need to feel an increase in fear because of this incident.”

The stabbing suspect is for now being held in jail in lieu of $250,000 bail and could be officially charged with second degree murder.