Suspect in brutal onstage attack on local comedian held on $250,000 bail

KENT, Wash. -- Suspect Steve Baldwin arrived in King County Superior Court appearing bruised and beaten, but he is the one facing assault charges in the baseball-bat attack on comedian Dylan Avila.

Avila is still recovering in the hospital after the vicious attack he suffered on stage Monday night at The Local 907 club in Renton. He says Baldwin came on stage, swinging a baseball bat, hitting Avila twice in the head, before friends and fellow comics tackled him.

Avila suffered a double skull fracture, and was rushed into surgery where doctors put two titanium plates in his head.

"It was absolutely terrifying," said Avila. "You don’t know. I mean, you’re dealing with my brain, my skull."

Avila believes he was targeted by Baldwin because he banned him from open mic night at the club for being obscene and offensive toward the audience.

Prosecutors call it a brutal attack and asked for $250,000 bail.

Baldwin has only one conviction in his past for reckless endangerment, and is still nursing a badly bruised eye from when he was taken down during the attack, but Judge David Christie stuck with the high bail.

"I think, under the circumstances, for the safety of the public, the bail is reasonable," said Christie.

Baldwin is expected to be charged with first-degree assault.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Avila underwent a CAT scan that came back clear. He is expected to be able to go home Thursday. A Go Fund Me page,  found here,  to collect money for his hospital expenses, is at nearly $17,000.