Survive the Sound: Interactive game shows salmon's fight for survival

Native salmon populations in our local waters are in dire trouble, but few people truly understand the problem or how much it impacts all of us.

That's why Q13 has partnered again with Long Live the Kings to help us all see the problem and fight for solutions.

One of the simplest things you can do today is sign up to play an interactive game called Survive the Sound.

You pick a fish, join a team, and then during a five-day period in May, you watch as your salmon fights to swim for its survival. The five-day interactive journey is May 6-10. You can sign up as late as Monday, May 6, but you'll need to sign up by Sunday night (May 5) if you want to join a team.

The game is based on real science, so it's great for classrooms and families to play together.

It demonstrates all the ways our salmon are dying, and in the process you better understand how we can all help.

We've done this before, but this year the game is shorter, and it's free to sign up!