Surge of violence: Everett Police investigate 4 shootings in less than 24 hours

Police are investigating a string of violent shootings that happened within 24 hours of each other in Everett Wednesday night.

According to the Everett Police Department (EPD), police are working overtime to investigate four separate shootings. One incident left a person dead, the other shootings left four people injured.

"I think that some of the violence that we see can certainly be attributed to gang violence," said Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman. "To what degree? That’s the real question."

Detectives say all the shooting suspects involved in these four incidents are still at-large. As of Thursday, no arrests have been made. However, this was not the only crime involving guns in the city Wednesday night.

"They made three arrests and took four guns off the street, including a stolen firearm, and that was just last night," said Chief Templeman. 

According to updated information from the EPD, Wednesday’s violence shows a continued rise in shots fired calls. Their latest information shows an increase in the amount previously reported.

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Shots fired calls statistics:

  • 2022: 90
  • 2021: 75
  • 2020: 52

Last August, Everett PD joined the Lynnwood Police Department, the Snohomish County Prosecutor and Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI to create a regional Violent Crime Reduction Unit. 

Chief Templeman believes despite the continuous increase in gun violence, this task force is making a difference.

"The team has recovered a lot of guns. They've made a lot of arrests," Templeman said. "I think that they've prevented additional shootings that we would have had in our community had they not been in place."