Sunday's weather as tumultuous as NFC Championship game

SEATTLE -- Just like the NFC Championship game, Sunday’s weather was a roller-coaster.
Wind and rain created havoc across Western Washington, causing power outages for 12 fans.

Waterlogged roads made it a treacherous drive for people making their way to CenturyLink Field.
In Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood, the wind toppled trees.

“As you can see there is a fair amount of damage,” resident Glenn Gilroy said.

Magnolia residents say it was the worst damage they have seen in six years.

A powerful gust was too much for a bunch of old trees near Discovery Park. Trees fell on power lines, turning the lights out for many.

“The tree fell down across the street and there were big flashes of light; it was the transformer going out,” resident Cammy Hendrix said.

In Pierce County, the wind and rain knocked down multiple power poles.

Q13 FOX News found crews working near Gig Harbor where hundreds of customers were in the dark.

The storm hit Kitsap County hard as well.

“Here in the valley the wind keeps whipping around; we constantly are getting gusts,” Olalla resident Aschlee Squires said.

Bradley Ecklund said if a giant tree had fallen in the opposite direction it would have crashed into his kids' bedroom.

“I’m glad it didn’t fall on the house, it could have killed us,” Ecklund said.

The damage is bad but the biggest worry for the 12th fans was whether or not they were going to get the game on TV.

“The primary concern is whether electricity will come back for Seahawks,” Gilroy said.