Sunday's storm didn't make for a total wash out in and around Seattle

Sunday’s storm made it wash out conditions for eating outside, but not for diehard Seahawks fans or even tourists.

The umbrellas over the picnic tables at Eden Hill Provisions in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood have been perfect for giving diners shade, but it didn’t do much on Sunday to keep the tables dry.

“We are getting tents put up just like you’ve seen around the city for outdoor dining with the plastic walls and nice covering. We’re still debating bringing heaters in. See how the guests feel with the tents and if it’s warm enough for them, but we’re hoping to be able to provide a nice dining experience for all of winter and into early spring,” said Sous Chef Jeff Moore.

Moore said Eden Hill Provisions has a permit with the City of Seattle to keep their outdoor dining space on the street through October of next year.

“We want people to come in and be able to get a ‘Big Max’ or a ‘Little Thomas’ and take it home or sit outside and really enjoy it at the peak of when it’s ready,” said Moore.

Over by Seattle’s waterfront, a group of cousins visiting from Sacramento, California rented Lime bikes and scooters to ride under the rain along the Puget Sound.

“Honestly, I love it. I know my cousins live for this weather and it’s been crazy hot in Sacramento,” said tourist Lily Asher. “Even though it’s pouring, we’re clearly enjoying it and taking full advantage.”

Finally, outside CenturyLink Field some of the most diehard season ticketholders didn’t let the storm keep them from showing up for the team.

“Well if this was a normal game day, I’d be inside there, down in the front and getting soaking wet just the same. So why not,” said fan Lorin Sandretzky, who’s well known as “Big Lo” among Seahawks fans.

Sandretzky said even with the pouring rain, this Sunday's game brought the highest number of fans outside the stadium to cheer on the Seahawks.