Sumner's family home burglarized on Christmas Eve

SUMNER, Wash. - A Sumner family's peaceful Christmas Eve was destroyed by a burglar who broke into their home, while they were at church.   The Berggren Smith family went to church as they always do on Christmas Eve, honoring the reason for the season.

But when they came back home, they found their home had been ransacked.

"There was glass everywhere," said Heidi Berggren.  "Everything had been completely ransacked.  Drawers all gone through, you couldn't even see the floor.  It was covered with all of our things>"

Lucas Smith said that the thieves stole all of his wife Heidi's jewelry, and took half of the gifts wrapped under the Christmas tree for his kids, 11 year old Bella and 8 year old Colton.

Heidi can't wrap her mind around what type of Grinch could steal from a family, as Santa is drawing near.

"It's about Christmas and the birth of Jesus and that's what were were doing celebrating at church and coming to find that someone can be that steal presents from kids," Heidi said.

While this certainly was the scariest Christmas on record for this family, luckily most of the presents hidden in the closet were still there.

The violation is a dark reminder of the times, but not enough to dim the light of Christmas.

"Did it interrupt our plans?  Yea, a little bit.  Did we lose our Christmas spirit?  No.  My family is safe and that's all that matters to me," Lucas Smith said.

The family says they plan on starting up a neighborhood watch program.

Neighbors have set up a fundraising page to help the Smith family replace their door and stolen gifts.

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