Sumner family burglarized on Christmas Eve gets post holiday surprise

SUMNER - A brand new set of french doors now graces the back of Heidi and Lucas Smith's home. They replaced the one shattered by a thief on Christmas Eve. "Just glass everywhere," said Heidi. They returned home from church with their 11-year-old daughter Bella and 8-year-old son Colton to find their house ransacked. Heidi's jewelry had been stolen along with the gifts from underneath the Christmas tree." The kids fell asleep cuddling, holding each other, just scared," she said.

Josh Harris with Integrity Construction Group heard about the crime. "It's gut-wrenching. It's bad enough to get something stolen from you, much less on Christmas Eve," said Harris.  So did the East Pierce Firefighter's Union. "We saw your story and helping out is in our DNA. It's what we do," said Union President Mike Westland. Together, they partnered with the Lowe's store in Bonney Lake who donated the doors on the back of the house and a cooking range that was shattered when the crook climbed on top of it. "We just had a fundraiser in December. Lowe's helped us with the pancake feed which was the fundraiser. We raised about $4,000 for this type of stuff so that's why we reached out to see if we could help out," said Westland.

Jerold McGlothlin who owns 25/7 Protection and is the President of the Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound Board of Directors also heard what happened. He gave the Smith family a $500 store credit to help secure their home. McGlothlin recommends a perimeter alert system that connects to their cell phone and allows them to talk over a speaker to anyone who approaches the house. "Before we have the actual invasion, you could trip that alarm, that loud siren and it's part of the empowerment is. Push the button, blow it up and make it go away before we actually have the break-in," said McGlothlin.

I was out of town visiting family when I learned the Smith's had been victimized on Christmas Eve so I reached out to George and Donna Hight with Pierce County Toys for Tots for help. They went shopping and replaced everything that was stolen plus some extra gifts like Battleship, Trouble and Beat the Parents' games for the family. Bella got an alarm clock and makeup kit that was stolen. "So many brushes! Oh my goodness..that's so cool!" she said. Colton got a Legos model airplane and motorized helicopter.

The Smiths are a family of faith. Faith that was challenged by what happened but is now restored thanks to the generosity of so many people they've never even met. They didn't deserve what happened to them. Hopefully, we saved their Christmas and made things a little bit better. "You have and beyond. This is absolutely amazing," said Heidi through tears of gratitude.

Neighbors have set up a Gofundme account if you would like to help as well. To donate, go to