Sultan residents start cleanup after floodwaters recede from their homes

SULTAN, Wash. -- Dozens of people are picking up the pieces and throwing out ruined belongings after floodwaters finally receded from their homes in Sultan Wednesday.

Naysha Richmond is a single mother of an 11-month-old boy. She came home from work to water on the verge of seeping into her apartment. The nearby Skykomish River poured out of its banks and spilled out all over downtown Sultan Tuesday night.

"Just trying to get as much cleaned up as I can and find out where I’m going to go," Richmond said.

Glenn Bray is in the same boat. He has to throw away his mattress and box spring and salvage what he can as he moves out of his soggy apartment.

Bray said, "It’s a lot to deal with, going through day-to-day life and now dealing with all this stuff as well. It’s a lot. Just got to keep going."

Neighbors tried to use sandbags to keep the water out of their homes but it wasn't enough. With their homes finally drying out, residents can begin the process of moving on.