Students rally again to protest gay teacher's resignation

SEATTLE -- More determined than ever, Eastside Catholic School students hope to change the church they love, because they say right is right and love is love.

"He was forced to resign because he married his partner and we're hoping that we can try and change the way the church views gay marriage and allow him to come back to our school,” student Ben Hawkins said.

They waved signs and handed out candy canes while chanting 'save Mister Z as he's fondly known.

This was the latest rally the students have held since Mark Zmuda's resignation.

They first staged a sit-in and then lined the streets - protesting the move.

Friday, they protested at Seattle’s Archdiocese.

Students say they'll stand their ground until 'Mister Z' gets his job back and they're getting a lot of support.

"I'm a very strong advocate of LBGT rights and I believe what the Catholic Church believes about homosexuality is inherently flawed and does not relate to the science behind it and I support the Eastside Catholic students in their fight to change the church,” supporter Abby Anastasio said.

Seattle Mayor elect Ed Murray attended one of their rallies and spoke with the students and students from other catholic schools have joined in.

Now with 26-thousand signatures on a petition their protest has gone global.

They hope it will reach church leaders and even Pope Francis.

No one knows if the church will change its rule, but the students vow to continue to rally until Mr. Z is reinstated.

Supporters say the goal is to encourage the church to follow its own teachings about love and acceptance of all people.