Students collect gifts, donate to California wildfire victims

Sammamish, WA- High School students  rallied together to send holiday cheer to  victims of the California wildfires.

Several student at Sammamish High School received devastating news that loved ones in California lost their homes and livelihoods.

The mission to give was simple, and started after one student's emotional story to her teacher.

Laura Holden told one her teachers that family members in California had lost their home because of the Camp Fire.

Laura and her classmates began to organize a collection of donations, and soon others at the school volunteered to help.

Students collected a variety of items that included: money, clothing, and of course Christmas presents.

Laura was a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of her classmates, and thought her effort was going to be small.

" I had no idea it was going to be this big...I thought it was going to be a few donations", said Laura.

Students spent part of Thursday sorting and wrapping donations.

The gifts will be sent on Friday, and will raise the spirits of  families who are affected.