Student in crash that killed 3 of his Olympic High classmates pleads guilty to vehicular homicide

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- The 17-year-old driver in a crash that killed three of his Olympic High School classmates pleaded guilty to three counts of vehicular homicide Thursday in Kitsap County Juvenile Court.

According to The Kitsap Sun, a hearing to determine whether Marcus McKay, a junior at Olympic, would be tried as a juvenile or an adult was scheduled for Monday, but prosecutors and the defense agreed to recommend the juvenile charges.


Students from Olympic High School filled the pews of Gracepoint Church on Jan. 13 to remember the three killed in a car crash in Seabeck Jan. 11.

Sixteen-year-old Kassidy Clark, 14-year-old Jenna Farley and 18-year-old Luther Stoudermire were killed the crash.

“It was a lot to find out, when we found out who the driver was,” says Wesley Cunningham. “I don't just feel for the people who passed away, I feel for him too. It's a lot to handle.”

“With any accident, you think it could have been prevented,” says Daijah Williams. “With this one, it probably could have. But we can't bash him, because he's going through the same thing we are.”

Prosecutors say the driver smoked marijuana before getting behind the wheel, and was driving 75 mph when he lost control. But several relatives of the victims say they forgive the driver. Other parents say it’s the right thing to do.

“It’s hard in this situation, because nobody understands for sure what happened,” says Marisa Clauson.

Parents say they are having conversations with their children about being careful before getting in a car with anyone who might be intoxicated or unable to drive safely.

“Just a reminder that one simple mistake can end somebody's life,” says Clauson.

“They should have known because this is not the first time that someone has gotten into a crash,” says Williams. “So I don't feel like this will completely stop it. But because it affected so many people, it will help to make a bigger impact this time.”