Student diver who did not surface found by crews; transported to Harborview in critical condition

SEATTLE -- A student diver who did not surface with the rest of her group Sunday afternoon in Elliott Bay  was found by rescue crews, and transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Fire officials said they received calls of a student diver - a female in her 20s - who did not surface near 1900 Harbor Avenue SW in West Seattle.

As of 12:15, the diver had been underwater for about 20 minutes. Rescue crews found the diver around 1 p.m. and brought her to the surface. She was taken Harborview Medical center in critical condition.

According to Seattle Fire officials, the diver and her partner become disoriented underwater. It was not immediately known how much air the diver had in her tank at the time of the dive.

This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.