Student arrested for allegedly assaulting girl at middle school in DuPont

DUPONT, WASH. -- Police have arrested a Pioneer Middle School student for allegedly attacking a girl at school.

DuPont police say he was arrested Friday and that charges are pending.

The Steilacoom School Board released this statement:

“On Friday, December 4, 2015, Pioneer Middle School administration called 911 after staff responded to a student assault. The District is cooperating fully with DuPont Police.

"Pioneer Middle School has taken and will continue to take reasonable action to ensure all students in our building are safe.”

Some parents are livid because the school hasn’t notified them about the violent crime.

“We have a right to know that our kids are safe,” concerned mom Jennifer Johnson explained. “There's no excuse for that. If the kids are going to be in danger we should know.”

Jennifer Johnson heard from the grapevine a violent assault happened the previous week and the school still hasn’t notified any parents.

“I feel like parents should fully be aware of what's going on around this school and no one has informed us at all. Like I am completely unaware that this happened on Friday,” Ashton Smitherman, aunt of a Pioneer student, said.

DuPont Police tell us the school is working on sending out a note to parents informing them of the assault.