‘Stuber’ Worth Tipping the Driver

A modern day buddy cop movie that works. Imagine that. That’s what happened with ‘Stuber.’ The chemistry between the two main actors, Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Batista is worth seeing the film itself.

Nanjiani is a simple man trying to make ends meet. On the side of his dead end job, he drives Uber. Long behold a cop on the hunt for a lead that he’s been waiting for calls an Uber. The two set on a hilarious, thrilling adventure. Side note, the one thing I did not expect was the bloody effects and the amount of killing. But they have fun with it and it adds to the comedy.

I came into the movie with little to no expectations but the performance of Nanjiani really blew me away. He had very smart lines and the timing was perfect. If you are looking for an entertaining movie with lots of laughs, this is it.


3.5/5 Stars