Struggles continue for the jobless as they wait for stimulus deal

A struggling family of four in Tacoma fear they will be on the streets if a stimulus deal isn't passed soon.

"If something doesn't happen with the stimulus, me and my wife and kids will be homeless," said Willie Petersen.

Petersen and his wife worked in the food industry and lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic and has been struggling since March. Their job hunt has been unsuccessful.

"The food is killing us. It's a family of four here and we're paying 50 dollars for 1 day. The money we got in unemployment is not actually cutting our bills, it's cutting our bills to the edge," said Petersen.

Petersen's wife Alysha Wilson said even before the pandemic, they lived frugally and can't afford to cut back anymore.

"We can't cut the internet back because our daughter is at home doing school. we can't cut down on electricity, how do you do that? We can't cut down on food, I mean we can buy non-brand food. You can't stop turning down the heat because you're going to freeze to death," said Wilson.

With a stimulus deal in limbo in Washington and no jobs, they are worried they won't be able to make ends meet.

"We're going to be struggling here in four months to pay rent, buy food, pay electricity, everything," said Petersen.

They're frustrated as well.

"I say it's unacceptable. Get to it. Help the American people, for real, this is not a joke now, this is serious," said Peterson.

Despite being scared, Peterson and Wilson believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

"Yes, super scared but our faith in God helps us stay strong. We live day by day but we try to stay happy because I believe in America. I believe something is good is going to happen and everybody is going to be okay," said Petersen.