Stranger danger? Mom offers 'whistle alerts' for children's safety

SEATTLE -- One local mom is resurrecting an old idea for safety out on the streets -- but this one is for kids.

Lindy Day said her son Henry has one on his backpack.

"It's not just a regular whistle, it's a safety whistle," Henry said.

Day makes sure these whistles are always secured to her son's backpacks; she says it's all about empowering them in the event of an emergency.

"A whistle is really the only personal defense tool that can't be used against you," said Pam Taylor.

It's a campaign created by Taylor.

"It came to me actually in the middle of the night. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and said, we're about to get loud!

"A  whistle is so simple and easy and it doesn't require batteries so it's just a really basic way to empower people to give them a voice when they might be in a situation where they are frightened or they can't use their voice," Taylor said.

Kids can customize the whistles however they like. Right now, Seahawks themes are the most popular. They cost about $8 and proceeds support victims of domestic abuse.

Click here for the link to the site where you can buy them.