Strange lights spotted in sky above Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY -- Strange lights spotted above Salt Lake City Saturday night appear to have been part of the pregame festivities for Utah's game vs San Jose State at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Our sister station, Fox 13 News in Salt Lake City, received several calls and messages about a series of strange lights above the city.

Several videos shot just before 8 p.m. near Salt Lake City show the lights in the sky, with one video appearing to show a single point of light breaking up into smaller objects. Another video shows at least four separate lights moving slowly through the air.

(WARNING: The video below contains at least one instance of profanity.)

University of Utah spokesperson Chris Nelson told Fox 13 News, a Navy parachute team dropped into Rice Eccles Stadium for the University of Utah football game around the time the lights were seen. He said it is very likely that those lights were a part of that demonstration.

Another theory is the lights may be a satellite that broke up in orbit. NASA Ambassador to Utah Patrick Wiggins told the station, he received notice earlier that a satellite could be breaking up Saturday night.

However, after viewing several of the videos Wiggins said it appears it was probably not a satellite and was likely "something much closer to the ground like flares."