Storm takes its toll on Puget Sound region

Monday's unrelenting rains and gusty winds are to blame for urban flooding, landslides and all-around treacherous conditions. Here are some photographs from the storm:

Swift Creek in the Cedar Flats area of Olympia from a viewer. The creek normally runs about three feet wide.

Viewer submitted photo of a tree that came down on a car in Olympia.

Flooding at a cemetery in Greenwood.

A picture of a river flooded over its banks sent in from a viewer in Yelm.

Franklin Field in Aberdeen was flooded Monday

A semi truck makes its way down a flooded street. Photo courtesy of Brionna Friedrich, The Daily World

A semi truck overturned on the Chehalis River Bridge. Photo courtesy of Macleod Pappidas, The Daily World

A car attempting to navigate an underwater roadway ended up being towed.

Boing, boing: A trampoline flew over the fence and landed in a neighbor's yard.

A Grays Harbor Sheriff's car was swept up in a flooded roadway.

A truck crashed on the Astoria Bridge due to high winds.

A Washington State Patrol Trooper pulled a woman out of this car after it was struck by an electric pole. Photo courtesy of Trooper Russ Winger.