Stolen tow truck could be used to take cars, owner fears

RICHLAND, Wash. (AP) — A Richland towing company is worried that whoever stole one of its tow trucks might use it to steal cars.

Rad Towing owner James Hutchinson tells KNDU the tow truck was new and not marked with the company logo.

The white tow truck was taken over the weekend, and Rad Towing is offering a $500 reward for information to find it. Hutchinson said it's not the tow truck he's worried about getting back. It's the fear that others' cars could be taken.

"My concern is what you can do with it," Hutchinson told KNDU. "I mean you can steal cars really effectively if you have a tow truck and you know what you're doing."

Hutchinson is concerned he'll start hearing of an increase in local car thefts. He told KNDU never to trust a tow truck that doesn't have a log on it and that it's also illegal to tow a truck without the right permits.