Stolen puppy 'Ollie' is found safe, returned to happy owner in Milton

MILTON, Wash. -- Police said Tuesday they have recovered stolen puppy Ollie, after officers got a tip that someone apparently was trying to sell dog online.

Ollie has been returned to her owner, Kristyona Rosin of Milton, police said.

Milton police officer Paul Johnson said, "A friend of the owners saw someone else post a picture of the dog to Facebook. It appears they were trying to sell the stolen dog. A friend of a friend then reached out to the posters, and recovered the stolen dog and it was returned to the original owners."

Johnson said police didn’t learn about this until late Monday. They are now going back through all the leads, and trying to get in touch with the theft suspects. They said they have “good leads” and are just working through all the “friend of a friend” stuff. Johnson admitted it was a bit convoluted.

Police are still trying to recover the other stolen property. They said the stolen AR-15 is the big priority and they want that weapon off the streets.

In a Q13 News report last week, Rosin said she was beside herself after someone broke into her home on the afternoon of May 31 and stole her puppy, among other items, including the rifle.

“He came into our house and took our baby. He busted out the window and came in and took our dog,” says Rosin.

Rosin says her surveillance cameras caught him breaking into her home along 70th Avenue East in Milton around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 31.  She says the cameras sent multiple notifications to her phone while she was at work.

Worried about her puppy, Ollie, who was home alone, she called police.

Rosin says she came home to find the house quiet and 15-week-old Ollie missing from her playpen.

“He didn’t take her dog food, didn’t take any of her toys, not her bed or her medicine or any of the stuff we had lying out. I’m just more concerned that I hope she’s being taken care of.”

Rosin says Ollie isn’t the only thing missing. She says the thief also stole her Xbox and her boyfriend’s rifle.

She says this isn’t the first time someone’s burglarized her home. In January, she says, someone broke in and stole a handgun, money, makeup and jewelry.