State tightens restrictions on how marijuana shops advertise

SEATTLE -- A new state law that just went into effect heavily restricts how marijuana shops advertise their products.

State lawmakers worried that a lot of advertising for legal pot and pot shops has become too attractive for children.

The new regulations mean no more pot leaves on signs or billboards for pot shops. The signs must also point out that the store is for people over age 21.

The state legislature spells out the goal of the new law:

"Protecting the state's children, youth, and young adults under the legal age to purchase and consume marijuana, by establishing limited restrictions on the advertising of marijuana and marijuana products, is necessary to assist the state's efforts to discourage and prevent underage consumption."

Legal pot is a growing industry in Washington state and there is a lot of competition among shop owners. Like other businesses they've been incorporating flags, inflatables and sign spinners. None of those are allowed anymore.

The state doesn't want anything out there to appeal to kids. That includes signs with cartoon and movie characters.