State tests find toxic metals in some children's jewelry: Check out which ones here

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — State regulators have tested dozens of children's jewelry pieces and found high levels of cadmium and lead in five necklaces sold with girls' dresses.

The Department of Ecology said Tuesday that two necklaces were found to be at least 90 percent cadmium. Cadmium and lead are metals that can cause serious health effects, especially in children. It can be toxic even in low concentrations.

The state tested 157 pieces of jewelry. None of the 132 pieces of jewelry sold separately contained concerning levels of heavy metals. Five of the 27 pieces packaged and sold with clothing did.

The state has notified the manufacturers that they're in violation of the state's Children's Safe Products Act. They could be required to take action or face penalties.

"The manufacturers of the items Ecology found to exceed state levels for cadmium were Big Strike Inc., KWDZ Manufacturing LLC, and Kellwood Company," the state Department of Ecology said. "These products were sold under the brand names Soulmates Girl, Beautees and My Michelle Girls. We have notified the manufacturers of these products of our test results and told them that they are in violation of Washington’s Children’s Safe Products Act.

"One additional item, manufactured by SWAT Inc. and sold under the brand name Xtraordinary, was found to contain high levels of lead. Ecology referred this test result to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission."

KWDZ Manufacturing spokeswoman Stephanie Reif says the company is looking into it and will do whatever it takes to comply.

Messages left with the other companies were not immediately returned.

Click here to go to the Department of Ecology's page for the jewelry testing for more information.