State Rep. Jesse Young restricted from supervising staff after 'hostile' behavior

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — State Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, has been restricted from dealing with his legislative assistants for at least a year after accusations of mistreatment.

In a Dec. 13 letter sent from a House attorney, Young was notified that the chamber was taking actions to address a "pattern of hostile and intimidating behavior."

The letter, obtained this week by The Associated Press, says that Young will have no supervisory role over his replacement legislative assistant and will have "very limited direct contact." Young, of Gig Harbor, also will not be eligible for a district office for the next year, because "many of the issues complained of took place in the district office."

The letter — which does not name the affected staffers or list the specific behavior Young is accused of — says House administrators will consider removing the restrictions if Young completes an anger management program, a management training program and respectful workplace training.