State Patrol: Man throws rock onto car driving down I-5

SEATTLE -- A couple in Seattle was left shaken after a rock was thrown into their moving vehicle on I-5 heading south near I-90.

“We were just in a daze at that moment,” said Shaquir Watkins. “Out of nowhere around the left-hand side barricade a random person popped up over the barricade with a rock in their hand and just chucked it into the car.”

Washington State Patrol is investigating and said it happened on Monday afternoon.

Watkins said his girlfriend was behind the wheel and they were going about 60 miles an hour on the highway when a man came up from the barricade.

“It hit the windshield then impacted me in my chest and on my chin,” said Watkins. “It just felt winded, like if you’ve ever been in football or anything and you got hit super hard and you just lose the breath out of you, that’s exactly how it felt.”

Troopers said this could’ve been much worse, and someone could’ve been seriously hurt.

The search is on for a suspect. State Patrol has previously done similar investigations in this area as recently as this past October.

Watkins said the shock of it all was the worst part. As for the vehicle damage, insurance will take care of most of the bill.