State health officials say more than 15 percent of second dose appointments overdue in Washington

As the CDC is reporting millions of people are overdue for their second dose of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, we’re learning about 16 percent of Washingtonians are overdue for their second shot as of April 6.

The state Department of Health is reporting 136,444 second doses overdue out of 826,229 first doses.

King and Snohomish counties had about 14 percent of overdue second doses. In Pierce County, it was a little higher at about 20 percent missed second doses.

"We continue to stress that the percentage needs to stay as low as possible for us to defeat the pandemic.  We encourage people to get their second dose as soon as they are due," said Julie Grauert, the state's Covid-19 Public Information Officer.

Vaccine hunters who connect people in Western Washington with open appointments told Q13 News that most people were willing to go to extreme lengths to obtain a first dose, but they’ve noticed anecdotally more people are looking for convenience when booking a second dose. They also acknowledge that counties around the state have reported vaccine supply challenges.

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"It’s just a matter of checking in. People check in on their phones to see when their Amazon package is coming in every day. Just check your phones and you’ll find something," said Sergio Vazquez, who just received his second dose of Moderna on Saturday. "We’re lucky enough to have access to this, so we should take advantage."

"It’s extremely surprising to me that people aren’t following through with getting their second dose," said Matan Arazy who just got his second dose of Pfizer this weekend. "It affects their chance of actually getting sick, and then especially with all the other variants popping up."

The CDC recommends that you get your second shot as close to the recommended 3-week or 4-week interval as possible. If necessary, you can receive your second dose up to six weeks after your first shot.

The state will be updating their numbers on overdue second doses later this week.

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