State gambling board allows more machines at tribal casinos

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The state gambling board has approved a plan to allow more slot-like machines at tribal casinos.

The Olympian reports the agreement approved Friday would let tribes collectively to have 2,700 more machines immediately and then let market conditions influence if they eventually have thousands more.

The new compact is between the state and 27 tribes. IT will need the governor's signature and final approval from the U.S. Interior Department. The state's other two federally recognized tribes, the Muckleshoot and the Puyallup, will be able to seek similar treatment.

Tribal casinos are allowed to have games that work similar to a lottery but look like slot machines. Washington casinos have approached a statewide limit of about 28,000 of these machines.

In the past when tribes have wanted to raise the limit, they have had to go to the bargaining table with the state. Under the new agreement, the cap would automatically increase.