'It takes one careless driver:' State agencies urge drivers to follow chain requirements

Several chain-carry requirements were in place for SR-18 heading toward Tiger Mountain Summit this past week after multiple crashes were reported on the highway and on other mountain passes due to the snowfall

"It takes one unprepared or careless driver to slow or stop traffic," said Sean Quinn, a public information officer for the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

Snow has become more common along SR-18 in the Maple Valley area and with conditions having been rough for commuters this week, WSDOT says it's prepared.

"We've got two dedicated plow trucks around Tiger Mountain during the day, and we can recruit more trucks as conditions worsen," said Quinn.

Quinn says there were multiple spin-outs and collisions this week on SR-18 and with driver behavior being a big factor in keeping the roads clear, he urges drivers to slow down when conditions do deteriorate.

"Leave extra space for the vehicles in front of you. Give yourself more time to stop and make sure those headlights are on as well," said Quinn.

While WSDOT determines restrictions based on conditions, the Washington State Patrol enforces them.

Trooper Rick Johnson says commercial drivers who violate chain carry requirements could face a $500 citation. He tweeted out this reminder this afternoon:

WSDOT travel advisories are posted on the agency's social media accounts and website. Chain requirements can be found here.