SR-410 reopens, but mudslides a concern as rainy season approaches

Fire crews have made a lot of progress in the Sumner Grade fire, allowing for the reopening of SR-410 after nearly a week of being closed. 

It's a major thoroughfare for commuters and truckers, but it took a long time to reopen because of downed power lines, poles across the road and debris from fire and winds that gutted the area. 

Businesses who rely on trucker and commuter traffic took a huge hit. 

"I don't think we would have been able to stay alive as a business," said Tiffany, manager of Java 2 Go. "Everyone was detouring, so why even bother coming this way. It's a major highway (in this area). It's like I-5 shutting down."

The Sumner Grade fire is 85 percent contained as of Tuesday morning, but crews are already looking ahead to the next risk along SR-410: mudslides. 

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Because SR-410 runs along a huge hillside, there's concern that mudslides will be a problem when the rainy season arrives soon. 

WSDOT is warning drivers not to get distracted by the fire damage as they drive on SR-410.