Spring Showers

The weather through Sunday will have a “classic spring signature”. Passing showers, sun breaks, isolated thunderstorms, mountain snow, breezy, cooler and even some rainbows. Make the most out of the dry periods each day. When the sun comes out just look to your south or southwest and when you see the sky start to get dark you know a squall is coming. That means you can head inside for a few minutes to let the storm pass or get rain in the ear from the sideways rain. The passes will get snow starting Saturday. Most of the snow will be early Sunday as the snow level drops to 3K. The breeze will be fairly strong at times with gusts to 35mph. After a showers passes you and the sun is behind you look toward the rain and that is where the rainbow will be. Lows near 41 and highs near 55. That is 15 degrees cooler than last weekend. Walter. 4/4/13