SPD: 57 arrests, 'hundreds' of buildings damaged during weekend's riots

SEATTLE - More than 50 people were arrested and "hundreds of buildings and businesses" were damaged in riots that riled Seattle streets over the weekend, police said.

Seattle police released a tentative timeline of the weekend's protests and riots.  According to the department's timeline, police said "several incidents" followed peaceful protests Saturday afternoon.

"By mid afternoon several incidents quickly devolved into situations that endangered the lives of those demonstrating as well as our officers," SPD said in a release.

Demonstrations grew to about 10,000 individuals Saturday. By mid-Sunday, hundreds of buildings and businesses were destroyed, including 90 businesses in the Chinatown-International District. At least eight cars were burned.

At least six police officers were injured, police said. It was not immediately known if anyone from the public was injured. There were 57 arrests, police said, most for burglary and assault charges.

For a full timeline of the events from the police perspective, visit the Seattle Police Department's website.