South Sound restaurant a go-to for nearly a decade

SUMNER, Wash. – The Buttered Biscuit has been around for nearly a decade.

The restaurant owner says it’s more than grandma’s home-cooking, it’s also a place where community also means family.

Known for its large portions, restaurant owner Tami Haskins says the location has been going strong since 2010.

“We try to give folks a fair bang for their buck,” she said.

Customers too busy eating or chatting with others might miss what makes the place special, says Haskins.

“This is like people’s place to come and feel paid attention to and special,” she said.

Everything that goes on at the restaurant is being watched by the owner’s family and long-time customers.

A Photograph of previous customers Hank and Jean hangs on the wall and is now a permanent fixture at Buttered Biscuit.

“They were our best customers for years and years and after they had passed their son brought us a framed picture to put on the wall so they can oversee us,” said Haskins.

So are the owner’s parents, their photos are on the menu. Together, they are the heart and soul of a restaurant designed to make you feel welcome the moment you walk in.

“It makes me feel grateful that they think so much of us that they would do that because we think a lot of them,” said Haskins.